Congratulations! Your vehicle is now protected with a Nano ceramic coating. Glace Graphene Pro Ceramica Coatings are designed to protect your vehicle against the elements and surface contaminants. 

To maximize the effects of Glace Graphene Pro Ceramica Coatings and to ensure your investment is long lasting, we will discuss how to properly care for your new coating.

With a few simple steps, your Graphene Pro Ceramica coating will keep performing at its best for years to come!


Washing At Home:

  • Use the 2 bucket technique with a high GSM wash mitt.
  • Use a quality wash soap with no wax.
  • Use a microfiber wash mitt and a 500 GSM (Minimum) microfiber towel to dry.
  • Wash in a shaded area.
  • Use Glace Coatings Care Products.
  • Don’t wash in the sun.
  • Don’t wax or polish your vehicle.
  • Don’t use abrasive towels.
  • Don’t use paper towels. 

The Curing Process:

Curing time is 2-3 weeks depending on environmental conditions such as humidity and temperature. During this time, the following should be avoided:

  1. Sprinklers. The coating will protect your vehicle from water spots. The coating is less likely to etch than your factory clearcoat, but it can get water spots during the curing process and can be costly to remove.
  2. Parking under a shedding tree.
  3. Allowing bird droppings, sap or pollen to sit on the vehicle surface and bake in the sun.
  4. Washing or abrading the paint. If you notice that your vehicle gets water spots, bird droppings, tree sap etc. during the first two weeks, gently remove it from the vehicle surface as soon as possible. Keep in mind that during the curing process the coating is soft; be gentle when working on the paint.


Keeping The Coating Healthy

Glace Pro Ceramica Coatings are extremely slick, this means most things will not stick to the surface and can be easily removed/cleaned off.

Minimizing rubbing (especially with a dry towel) on the surface of the coating will ensure its longevity. Dry bird droppings, bugs and tree sap can be dissolved using alcohol type solvents and wiped off with a damp microfiber towel.


  1. For best results the vehicle should be washed on a bi-weekly basis to avoid excessive contamination build-up. Use only recommended mild soaps.
  2. Use the 2 Bucket Technique to wash your protected vehicle.
  3. Avoid high PH detergents and cleaners to minimize streaking and water spotting.
  4. Avoid washing in direct sunlight to minimize streaking and water spotting.
  5. Wash from the top-down leaving the dirtiest sections for last to avoid cross contamination.
  6. Use separate soap and sponge/mitt/towel for wheels to prevent cross contamination.


Washing at home:

Use a foam gun (optimal) or microfiber wash mitt to soap down the vehicle. Rinse it off with a pressure washer (optimal) or hose, avoid electrical components during washing. Dry with clean microfiber towels.

Self-serve car washes:

Select the high pressure soap. Soap the car down (never use the provided brushes especially on the paint!). Rinse the car off with the high pressure rinse and or power washer. Dry with clean microfiber towels (>450 GSM).

Automated car washes:

Use touchless car washes only! Never use a car wash with brushes or spinning rags! Never select the “spray wax” option.


  1. Always dry completely and never leave your vehicle to air dry. Tap water contains minerals that may leave deposits creating water spots. These can be removed with a 50/50 vinegar solution or use a high quality Water Spot Remover.

  2. Only use quality microfiber towels (>450 GSM) for best results and avoid aggressive wiping, allowing the microfibers to absorb the water

Water Spot Removal

  1. Never use aggressive products to polish the coating or remove surface contamination.
  2. Never use excessive force to remove water spots.
  3. Bird droppings, tar, sap, etc. should be removed as soon as possible to avoid temporary staining or hardening on the coating. Any staining left behind from bird droppings will break down over a few days without affecting the coating.

After washing:

  • Do not wax the coating! It is unnecessary and the wax will not bond to the surface that has been coated. Use Glace Coatings DECON before applying any graphene/ceramic coating.
  • “MIST - CERAMIC SPRAY COATING” or “RAPID CERAMICA - WATERLESS WASH” are the recommended maintenance products. Ask your local dealer about purchasing Glace products or purchase them online at www.glacecoatings.com

Automated washing:

Always go to a touchless car wash! Using an automated car wash with brushes or spinning rags will void the warranty and dull the coating. Glace Coatings graphene coatings take up to 2-3 weeks to achieve full hardness. Please handle with care and do not wash the vehicle for the first 2 weeks after the application of a graphene/ceramic coating.

    Leather and fabric maintenance program: 

    1. For best results, all leather/vinyl surfaces should be cleaned bi-weekly with a leather protectant to avoid contaminant build-up and replenish the natural oils.
    2. Immediately wipe off spills on leather, vinyl, or fabric.


    • Semi Annual Inspections are the recommended process for ensuring the coating is maintained and vehicle care is properly executed. Semi Annual inspections should be carried out by an approved installer within 7 days before the anniversary date of the last service to ensure peak performance. (Unless the coating has been installed by the vehicle owner)

    • Although Glace Coatings are durable and long lasting, semi annual inspections ensure maximum gloss and protection for your vehicle.


      Glace Coatings warrants that with the proper application of Glace Coatings Paint Protection by a Glace Coatings approved/authorized installer; your vehicle’s paint will remain protected against:

      • Oxidation
      • Loss of gloss
      • UV Damage
      • Acid rain
      • Paint chalking

      If any treated paint is shown to be adversely affected from exposure to these conditions or through normal use, as evidenced by a visible loss of paint gloss and providing that all of the terms of this warranty mentioned below have been met, then such conditions will be repaired or cleaned free of charge by Glace Coatings, Glace Coatings Regional Distributor and / or its Approved/Authorized installers, who reserve the right to attempt repairs through professional surface reconditioning before offering a refund.

      Applicable Vehicles and Period of Coverage

      Coverage terms up to 5 years (IF INSTALLED BY AN AUTHORISED GLACE COATINGS INSTALLER) or 1 year (IF INSTALLED BY VEHICLE OWNER), when semi annual service requirements are met. (See: Inspection). Failure to undertake a semi annual service will irreversibly terminate the 5 year warranty.


      1. Any treatment / retreatment of Glace Coatings Products must be applied / reapplied by an Approved/Authorised installer. If any treatment, cleaning, repair or other work is carried out on the vehicle without Glace Coatings, Local Distributors or Approved/Authorised installers prior written authorization, the 5 year warranty will be terminated.
      2. The vehicle must remain registered to the vehicle owner, for the entire duration of the warranty, for legal non-commercial road use.
      3. Only vehicles registered as passenger vehicles will be warrantied. Commercial vehicles of any kind will not be covered.
      4. Vehicles over 3 months old are required to have paint correction carried out by an approved installer prior to application. Newer vehicles may also require paint correction if advised by the approved installer.
      5. In the event of damage / repair to the surface (i.e. accident repair) the vehicle must be taken to an approved Glace Coatings installer for retreatment to the repaired area, at the owner’s expense, within 30 days.
      6. Warranty is registered in the name of the vehicle owner and cannot be transferred.
      7. Should a product reapplication be required (e.g. vehicle accident) you or your insurer are liable for a reapplication fee, determined by the approved/authorised Glace Coatings installer.
      8. The vehicle exterior paintwork must be maintained and washed regularly, as per Glace Coatings recommendations, to prevent contamination build up (bi-weekly) using Glace Coatings RAPID CERAMICA & MIST. After washing ensure that no water is left to dry on the coated surface, particularly within the first two (2) weeks after installation. In the event that your vehicle is exposed to high mineral-content water (“hard” or “soft” water) like that from some automated car washes, sprinkler systems or tap water in some areas, then all coated areas need to be dried as soon as possible with a microfiber cloth. Any water that is left to dry may form visible ringlets/water spots. Water spots can be removed with a 50/50 vinegar/water solution.
      9. Successful registration must have been completed with true and accurate data within 24 hours from installation date.
      10. The customer shall undertake further application of Glace Coatings products to the vehicle as are recommended by Glace Coatings or by the Approved/Authorised Glace Coatings installer.
      11. Initial Inspection must be conducted by an Approved/Authorised Glace Coatings installer within 30 days from date of application to confirm that the application has been carried out correctly, failure to do the initial inspection will void the warranty.



      1. Where the owner has been deemed to be careless, negligent or failed to maintain the exterior painted surface in the correct manner.
      2. Customer neglect. i.e. Failure to maintain the treated surface results in warranty void.
      3. Warranty will be voided if pre-existing damage to the painted surface or any other treated part of substandard specification, materials or workmanship by vehicle manufacturer, vehicle owner, dealership, third-party supplier or modifier, or professional detailers not authorized by Glace Coatings.
      4. Damage to the coated surface by incorrect manual wash techniques, automatic car washes, brushes or contaminated wash tools that may cause abrasion, or damage caused by a third party not authorized by Glace Coatings will void the warranty.
      5. Swirl marks, marring, scratches, scuffs, scrapes, chips to the painted surface.
      6. Water spots – Water spots are caused by hard water (mineral deposits), which when left to dry on the paint may leave a stain, water spotting is not covered.
      7. Failed Clear Coat – Peeling, Hazing and Fading or any claim for matters which are covered by vehicle manufacturers’ warranty.
      8. Damage caused by collision, accidental damage, vandalism, malicious damage, fire, hail, flood, stones, stone chips, surface rust, rail dust, physical damage, paint overspray, water etching or vehicle manufacturer’ defects, or defects which may be covered under a manufacturers or dealerships protection plan.
      9. Areas that have not been retreated after a paint repair.
      10. Any loss of time or use of the vehicle while it undergoes inspections or treatments 
      11. Terms and Conditions are not adhered to: Exposure to abnormal & harsh chemicals, Failure to repair & retreat damaged sections, Damages caused by modifications to the vehicle (e.g. mirror, roof racks, DVD install, etc….), Areas not treated with Glace Coatings products and any claim in respect of damage caused by unusual atmospheric conditions including not limited to hail, salt spray or chemicals.
      12. Color Changing for the non-original manufacturer painted (re-painted) panels.
      13. This warranty does not cover stone chipping, abnormal chemical fallout or spillage, untreated panel repair or replacement, well water spotting, scratching, abrasions, manufactures imperfections or paint imperfections such as paint flaking, peeling, foreign matter in paint, orange peel or clear coat separation. In addition to the above listed items Graphene Pro Ceramica is not warranted against bug splatter, tree sap, bird droppings or bat droppings.
      14. Any claim in respect to matters pre-existing at the time of the application of the Glace Coatings Product, Any claim in respect to any Glace Coatings Product applied other than by Glace Coatings Approved/Authorized Installers, Any claim arising from the customer failing to properly maintain the vehicle, Any claim in respect to acts of vandalism or arising out of an accident involving the vehicle, Any claim in respect to manufacturers imperfections, Any claim arising from the vehicle being operated in a manner contrary to the manufacturers recommendations.
      15. Any claim in respect to damage resulting from the use of the vehicle in a competition or motor sport events, or where the vehicle is used on a beach, or in off-road driving conditions, or for the launching of boats or other marine vessels for other than occasional recreational use, Any claim in respect to the load area of a commercial vehicle, Any claim in respect of a vehicle which has been subject to other than normal wear and tear, Any claim where the vehicle has not been maintained in accordance with the Glace Coatings instructions mentioned in this warranty, and Any claim in respect to damage caused by unusual atmospheric conditions including but not limited to hail, salt spray or harsh chemicals.
      16. Any claim in respect to damage caused by acid, dyes, inks, bleach, gum, paint, and lubricants, caustic or corrosive materials, Any claim in respect to the tray area of utilities. Any claim in respect to any area of the vehicle which has not been treated with the appropriate Glace Coatings Product, or at the customer’s request. Any claim arising from the installation of aftermarket parts and/or accessories including without limitation to mirrors, luggage racks, mudflats etc. Any claim in respect to surface rust, rust damage caused by moisture trapped under trims and rubber mouldings or decorations. Any claim in respect to damage caused by cigarette or cigar burns. Any claim in respect to rust appearing above the window line of the vehicle.
      17. Any claim in respect to deterioration to the paint work caused by the use of cleaning agents other than those commercially available for cleaning paintwork of private passenger vehicles. Any claim in respect to paint chipping, grazing or peeling. Any claim in respect to the tearing or ripping of interior surfaces of the vehicle.


      1. Semi annual inspections must be carried out by an approved/authorized Glace Coatings installer, within 7 days before or after the anniversary date of the last service/inspection to maintain the warranty.
      2. Failure to undertake a semi annual inspection within the required period will void the warranty.
      3. A fee determined by the approved installer will be charged for the annual inspection, which includes – Exterior Wash, Decontamination, Gloss Renewal and Inspection.
      4. Annual inspections must be recorded within 30 days.

        Limit of Liability (Claims)

        1. Damage that may be covered under this warranty must be made aware to an approved/authorized installer within 7 days, failure to comply will result in the warranty being terminated.
        2. Claim determination is at the sole discretion of Glace Coatings, either approving the repair / re-treatment by an approved installer or refunding the cost of the coating to the vehicle owner and or terminating the warranty, whichever is less.
        3. Any dispute arising under these terms and conditions shall be governed by the law of Canada, the involved parties agree to submit to the jurisdiction of that Country.
        4. Email reminders for annual inspections are a courtesy and not receiving one is not an acceptable reason for missing your inspection.
        5. Any claim under the warranty must be notified via email or writing to Glace Coatings, Authorized Distributor or Approved/Authorized installer within 7 days of the customer first becoming aware of any matter giving rise to a claim in regards to Glace Coatings Products.
        6. The warranty is only valid if:
          a. Following notification of a claim, the vehicle is made available for Glace Coatings or local Distributor or Approved/Authorized installer inspection at its office (or such other place as Glace Coatings may nominate) at a time mutually convenient to Glace Coatings, local Distributor or Approved/Authorized installer and the Customer, such time during normal business hours (9.00 am – 5.00 pm EST, Monday to Friday); and
          b. The vehicle is subsequently made available to Glace Coatings or such other person/s as Glace Coatings may stipulate in order for the treatment to be performed, cleaning, repair or other work may be undertaken.
        7. Approval in writing must be obtained by the customer from Glace Coatings before undertaking any work covered by the warranty. All work covered by the warranty must be undertaken by Glace Coatings or local Distributor or Approved/Authorized installer or such person as Glace Coatings may nominate. If any treatment, cleaning, repair or other work is carried out on the vehicle without Glace Coatings or local Distributor or Approved/Authorized installer written authorization first being obtained, the warranty will automatically be invalidated.
        8. In the event that the vehicle is involved in an accident which involves damage to an area treated by a Glace Coatings Product, the warranty only remains valid if the affected areas of the Vehicle are retreated by Glace Coatings or local Distributor or Approved/Authorized installer with the relevant Glace Coatings Products at the customers expense within 30 days of the date of repair; Re-application of Glace Coatings should be performed after vehicle paint has been allowed to cure for at least 21 days.


        Approved/authorized Installer – An independently owned and operated business and or company that has been approved by Glace Coatings to apply Glace Coatings products.

        To make a claim contact your Approved/authorized installer or contact us by email, info@glacecoatings.com