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Take your vehicle to new heights with a luxury finish, long lasting protection, and unmistakable shine. Glace Coatings is built on a legacy of excellence and innovation. These aerospace-grade formulas were originally designed for aircraft and are now available for all vehicles. Whether your vehicle takes off on the runway or races on the speedway, Glace Coatings deliver head-turning results in the most efficient way possible.

For most of us, the craving for speed and shine started when we were kids; spectating airshows, motorcycle shows and racetrack events. High levels of speed, accuracy, and precision sparked a lifelong curiosity for everyone at Glace Coatings. We wanted our products to deliver the speed and shine that captured our attention as children. Our highly concentrated coatings and innovative chemical formulas are easy to use and have the power to transform your vehicle and make the magic last.

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Our founder spent the majority of his career in aircraft development and jet propulsion testing. Every hour outside of work was spent restoring, modifying and detailing vehicles. He knew that detailing is a very time consuming process that involves many products and tools. He realized that with some aerospace innovation vehicle-care can become more efficient. In the aerospace industry; quality, speed, and efficiency are valued above anything else. So we designed products that reflect those qualities.

Glace Coatings were designed to streamline the detailing process of aircraft and to reduce parasitic drag due to surface contamination. But when airplanes were grounded during the pandemic, we decided to offer our formulas to road vehicles. Our team put the new detailing products to the test on aircraft, motorcycles and automobiles - the results were powerful.

The only thing more powerful is our ‘all or nothing’ attitude. We never cut corners, so you never have to compromise. Every product in our detailing line is engineered to perform and protect.



Whether you use our products on your motorcycle, car or on your aircraft, we stand behind our work. Every product is blended, bottled and tested in North America.

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It’s hard to make everyone happy, but we’ll never stop trying. Glace Coatings is built on the promise of quality, speed, and efficiency. Our team is here to help you get the most out of it.

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It started with planes. Then premium vehicle care. Next, we’re developing coatings to increase the efficiency of wind turbines and solar panels for more sustainable power.